New Bridges Elementary empowers every child to learn and to grow into his or her best self–intellectually, creatively, socially, and emotionally. New Bridges is both an achievement-centered, academically rigorous environment driven by high expectations for our learners, and a holistic community school, focused on the development of the whole child through the active engagement of our families; the integration of the Arts; and the social and emotional education of our students.

Educators at New Bridges work with a very real, tangible sense of focus and direction, and we expect our students to live and learn the same way. Each element of our school culture, what we each, and how we teach it, is rooted in the purpose and passion behind our learning; in a sense of community and belonging to one another; in preparation for college and careers; and in the development of our best selves.

New Bridges scholars and educators spend their day in a dynamic, consistent, and joyful
environment which equally nurtures and pushes students towards becoming their best self. We ensure that, in every moment in which students are in our care and under our supervision, they are learning and growing. We place a high value on encouraging and developing student creativity. As such, our children are exposed to Music, Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, and authentic, hands-on learning experiences throughout the day. In line with our beliefs that all members of our community are teachers, we partner with our families in ways that contribute directly to increasing student achievement and growth. Finally, because we believe that who a child is should be as important as what they know, we prioritize their emotional and social development. By actively modeling and celebrating the DRIVE values of Determination, Respect, Integrity, Voice, and Engagement, we empower students to be their best–for themselves and for their community.

Our vision is built upon four pillars and are the core beliefs of our practice


We believe in the unlimited potential of
each child and seek to recognize what makes each child unique and
special. We aim to constantly empower and nurture the
creative spirit and
imagination of our individual learners
and our collective


We model and work to empower each of our children to live and learn with focus,
passion, and


With families as our partners, all members of the New Bridges
community–from teachers and administrators to school safety officers and custodial
responsibility for
nurturing and pushing all of our students to


We make no excuses when it comes to the
success of our
children. We set and maintain the highest expectations for all members of our inclusive school
community. Our team and students go
above and beyond to be and do their best
every day.

Students and teachers live and learn each day with DRIVE:

We never give up.
We always look forward.

We work together.
We show love.

We speak up for what is right.
We stand up to a challenge.
We are true to who we are.

We express our creative spirit.
We communicate our personality, our feelings, our ideas.

We imagine constantly.